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antusemut is going on a holiday again..yeayy!!!!
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Friday, June 24, 2005


cuti cuti cutii

hello hello hello (count olaf style :P)

life has been hectic lately.. actually i haf no life.. i mean weekend life.. waduuhhhhh.. either ku bekerja ataupun ku tidak membuat apa-apa.. yeap.. tidur..tgk tv..makan.. tidur.. heheheh so sadis mannn...



im going for another holiday some time..not that soon.. in a few months time..
guess wher im going this time...

nyeh nyeh nyeh

im not telling..
clues: it has barong and lots of hemsem jepangs.. :P

so basically the thought of the holiday will temporariy keep me insane eh.. i hope

my notebook is infected with spywares
and it ccant seem to go away..
semak giler with all the popups..
I DID NOT go to any porn sites mind you..
if yes pun i wud haf been very careful! hehhehe
this might haf kena-ed while i was looking for cracks.. heeshhhh
somebdy pls recommend me a good spyware buster.. free of course

i gtg
im off to another site
yeap im working yet on another fine friday and it might spill to my satudayy... *sigh*

no worries..
for sure one i'll blog from there.. especially when im dead bored

so till then cau cincau

# reported by haslihb @ 3:01 AM

Monday, June 21, 2004

im sooOOOoo lazyy..

this gambar reminds me of maria te-o..heheh


it sure feels good if u pass an exam, although sipi-sipi (barely) passed, ain't it?? heheheh..

yeah my first ever exam after graduating (minus my driving test <-- this will be a different later story..heheh), i was scared to bits for a week before the exam... even got extra sleep (time allocated for studying was filled wif sleeping!).. and experienced sleeping with the notebook for one whole straight week.. heehhe.. well thats me.. i did tried to study earrrrrrly.. u name it bebeh.. during office hours -- tried it every single day.. FAILED(!) too many distractions, one of them is the internet, at home after office hours -- the TV and of course the bed and pillows...

was shivering like crazy the morning of the-day.. was sooOOOoo scared that i had my 'beach' slippers on to the exam center and 1 1/2 hrs early!.. hehehh.. while taking the exam my mind was already wandering and made plans:

1. next time im defintely gonna study and prepare much much earlier
2. i think i better take leave a day before the exam - to studyy hopefully
3. i'll defintely pass on my re-take exam...
4. i'm gonna fail..uwaaaAAAa
5. ther goes my 200ringgit..

eventually all plans is no more except #1..ceewahhh..

post-exam rest like thers no more exams.. hehheheh.. thanks to my lovely sister who had belanja-ed her broke sister.. after i told her i cant celebrate because i only haf 30ringgit left in my wallet.. huahuahuahua.. yeah i think i shud add a #6 plan: spend less, earn more!.. :P its okay now.. my mom came to the rescue.. though i was quite relunctant to accept.. yeah boo hoo me.. like my sister point blank said .. "don't make me muntah" or something like that.. hehehehe

btw Around the World in 80 days is... hmmm.. hillariouss... hihihihihihihi.. bes gilerrrrr.. go and watch it now!!

so now.. actually mactuallynye i was about to (before i saw the b for bloggar icon.. darn) start studying for my next paper which is in 2 weeks time.. wellllllll.. that seems to be a loooong way to gooOOo.. hehehhehe.. fyi i got 4 more papers.. *sigh* so shud i start studying now. oh mann .. somebody help meeeEEee.. nyeh nyeh nyeh.. but ive never studied 2 weeks earlier for any exams even for my finals... and then again france is playing today against swiss.. think wisely yong.. think think think..

wellllllllllll.. im still thinking.. it might take some time..

till then

cau cincau

# reported by haslihb @ 7:30 AM

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


# reported by haslihb @ 5:10 PM

Friday, January 09, 2004

sale! sale!


someone seems to be hafing mixed mood a bit moody during lunchtime just now *sigh*

you see, yours truly lovess buying stuff ...her hand gets itchy when seeing something she likes..well... it turned out that here in Suria , SALES are evrywherrrrrrrrr,

and apparently she got confused and felt so depressed seeing ppl wif plastic bags..aarghhhhhhhhhhhhhh..she cried out. she said to herslef: wher did all these ppl get the money to buy stuffs nih??!! wher as i, antusemut can't buy stuffs that i want (read: any stuff") ..uhuk uhuk..why is that so, you may ask...uwaaaaAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa bcos she's alredi broke..she had gone spending her money rite after getting last months paycheck... padan muka ko yong!!!

heheh manela aku tau, i forgot to compute about chinese new years sale..lupa maaa..

anyway am okay now, after clearing my head ....i'll not die not buying stuffs..hehehhe

before i forget, congratulations to shaz n amar on their wedding. saw their wedding pictures and man.. shaz looks different..cantikkkkkkkkk *grin*

n another congrats goes to a fren of mine who got a new baby daughter err last month (he jus told me sat tadi) - Sofea Shamsul Amin..heheheh actually i forgot the full name..takpe nex week i'll ask again..

okay am signing off, penat bekerja dah nih :))

haf a nice weekend frens

cau cincau

# reported by haslihb @ 2:18 AM

Saturday, November 01, 2003

6th day going on to 7th day of puasa

Timeless Inspirations

am @home in Perak nih :))

can't sleep..stomach still full.and .thers nuthin on TV plus my bro pulak tgk bola..MU vs sape ntah..marah betul aku.. asking here, wat will you answer if somebody(esp a non-muslim) were to ask you:

"Puasa tak hari ini?" / Are you fasting today?

and you're NOT fasting.

Should we tell the truth which is to say NO or lie and say YES?? concern is that what will they think..a muslim but NOT fasting..ish ish maybe im thinking too much.

Can this be categorised as bohong sunat? is there such thing as bohong sunat

but i think we shud tell the truth..or shudn't we...

hmmm oh well

am sharing an sms i got from a fren below:

, --)))),
q"_ _]
_[_ _ ] doaku:

ampunilah dosa kawanku ini dan jauhinya dari gastrik & yg sewaktu dengannya...Amin.

selamat bersahur :))

gtg cau cincau


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Thursday, July 03, 2003

testing #@

# reported by haslihb @ 7:45 AM